Apple forced to make large cuts to production plans for Ars Technica Vision Pro viewers

An AR headset sits on a stand in a public viewing area.

Zoom in / This is Apple’s Vision Pro headset. It looks like a particularly bulky pair of ski goggles, with the materials and design language of Apple’s AirPods Max headphones. Samuel Axon Apple was forced to make drastic cuts to production forecasts for the Vision Pro mixed reality headset, unveiled last month after seven years … Read more

7 tips and tricks to capture fireworks on your phone like a pro


With Independence Day upon us here in the United States, it’s a great opportunity to witness some spectacular firework displays all around you. That means you’ll probably want to capture the amazing light shows in the night sky, so you can share them on social media for the world to see. And that means figuring … Read more

Hands-on with CASETiFY’s new Spider-Man iPhone 14 cases and themed AirPods Pro cover

CASETiFY Spider-Man cases for iPhone 14

One of the collaborations I’ve been waiting for the most this year has just arrived at my house. Earlier this month, CASETiFY revealed that it would be tapping into the most popular superhero out there right now to deliver a new batch of Peter Parker-inspired Apple accessories. Wearing the signature red and blue suit design, … Read more

Apple’s class action claims that iPhone 14 Pro needs a charging block for full functionality

Close-up of an Apple charging pad, with an iPhone box in the background, representing the Apple iPhone charging pad class action lawsuit.

The Top Class Actions website and social media posts use affiliate links. If you make a purchase using these links, we may receive a commission, but it will not incur any additional charges to you. Please see our Affiliate Links Policy for more information. (Photo credit: Wachiwit/Shutterstock) iPhone Lawsuit Overview: Who: Plaintiff Montana Strong filed … Read more

iPhone 11 Pro vs. 15 Pros: What to expect if you waited for the update

Features iPhone 11 Pro Green

While the iPhone 15 Pro has yet to launch, several new features have already been rumored. Following our comparisons between the iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro and between the iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro, we’ve now put together a version for the iPhone 11 Pro. While iPhone upgrades year-over-year aren’t always … Read more

AT&T CTO Steps Up for Apple’s Vision Pro | Light reading

Jeremy Leg.  (Source: Collision Conference)

AT&T’s new networking chief Jeremy Legg has said Apple may need to move to an edge computing model for its augmented and virtual reality strategy at some point to deliver those services in a mobile rather than a stationary environment. . However, Legg also pointed out that Apple’s first foray into AR (augmented reality) and … Read more

iPhone 13 Pro vs. 15 Pros: What to expect if you waited for the update

iPhone 13 Pro blue

While iPhone upgrades year-over-year aren’t always significant, new features start piling up over multiple generations. Because of this, the iPhone 15 Pro will be a notable upgrade for those who still have a two-year-old iPhone 13 Pro. If you’re still using an iPhone 13 Pro or Pro Max and will be considering upgrading to the … Read more

Yes, Tim Cooks Vision Pro headset “killed” Steve Jobs’ iPhone! Apple has a new superstar

Yes, Tim Cook's Vision Pro headset "killed"  Steve Jobs' iPhone!  Apple has a new superstar

When thinking about what makes Apple products great, we often mention software, hardware, support, ecosystem integration, and ease of use. However, one thing few people talk about is how important it is Attention it’s for a product like the new iPhone, for example. Of course, the amount of attention a product receives will likely match … Read more

iPhone 15 Pro Max: Apple’s best big iPhone ever to finally convince small phone users to switch?

The biggest iPhone is still the best iPhone if you're a heavy media user.  - iPhone 15 Pro Max: Apple's best big iPhone ever to finally convince small phone users to switch?

I’ve been extremely vocal about my dislike of big phones, and (be assured), my stance hasn’t changed much. As an iPhone 13 mini user, I find phones like iPhone 14 Pro Max and Galaxy S23 Ultra Truly nice to see but extremely uncomfortable to put in a pocket or hold in one hand, which is … Read more