Yes, Tim Cooks Vision Pro headset “killed” Steve Jobs’ iPhone! Apple has a new superstar

Yes, Tim Cook's Vision Pro headset "killed"  Steve Jobs' iPhone!  Apple has a new superstar

When thinking about what makes Apple products great, we often mention software, hardware, support, ecosystem integration, and ease of use. However, one thing few people talk about is how important it is Attention it’s for a product like the new iPhone, for example. Of course, the amount of attention a product receives will likely match … Read more

Apple Introduces $3,500 Vision Pro Headset: Will It Eventually Push VR into the Mainstream, or Is It an Expensive Toy?

Apple Vision Pro AR Headphones

Apple has unveiled the Vision Pro, an expensive pair of glasses that the company promises will unlock a whole new universe of magical new virtual and augmented reality apps. The headset will be priced starting at $3,499, available starting early 2024 in the US (with more countries later in the year). Apple announced the years-in-development … Read more