Apple forced to make large cuts to production plans for Ars Technica Vision Pro viewers

An AR headset sits on a stand in a public viewing area.

Zoom in / This is Apple’s Vision Pro headset. It looks like a particularly bulky pair of ski goggles, with the materials and design language of Apple’s AirPods Max headphones. Samuel Axon Apple was forced to make drastic cuts to production forecasts for the Vision Pro mixed reality headset, unveiled last month after seven years … Read more

The enormous power and potential danger of the Ars Technica code generated by artificial intelligence

The enormous power and potential danger of AI-generated code

In June 2021, GitHub announced Copilot, a kind of autocomplete for computer code based on OpenAI’s text generation technology. It provided a first glimpse of the impressive potential of generative AI to automate valuable work. Two years later, Copilot is one of the more mature examples of how technology can accomplish tasks that previously had … Read more