Hands-on with CASETiFY’s new Spider-Man iPhone 14 cases and themed AirPods Pro cover

One of the collaborations I’ve been waiting for the most this year has just arrived at my house. Earlier this month, CASETiFY revealed that it would be tapping into the most popular superhero out there right now to deliver a new batch of Peter Parker-inspired Apple accessories. Wearing the signature red and blue suit design, I just got my hands on some of the new CASETiFY Spider-Man iPhone 14 cases and his eye-catching AirPods Pro cover.

Try the new CASETiFY Spider-Man collection

No one does collaborations like CASETiFY, and now the brand is back with its latest team. This time drawing from the likes of Marvel, Spider-Man is getting his own array of themed accessories. From iPhone 14 cases and AirPods covers to MagSafe chargers and gear for Samsung Galaxy users, there’s a pretty diverse assortment of gear all outfitted with everyone’s favorite neighborhood hero.

Starting with designer smartphone cases, these are all standard CASETiFY cases. Form factors are nothing new, but it’s the standard for these collaborations. The brand is just applying some sick designs that are all backed by the same variety and customization we’ve written about in the past. I’ve been driving these cases daily for years and they are as tried and true as any cover out there. You’ll find different layers of protection, from thin clear-style covers to sturdier ones with an added cover to help resist drops and the like.

It’s not just iPhones that are getting the Spider-Man treatment. The likes of Samsung, its new foldables and other smartphones are also getting in on the action. But those with one of Apple’s latest devices will be able to choose between MagSafe-enabled offerings and those without the built-in magnetic ring.

All of which, of course, brings us to what’s really new with the CASETiFY Spider-Man collection. This time, as always with these partnerships, it’s all about the design. And oh, there are some exciting ways to bring webslinger into your daily carry. Starting with iPhone cases, because we’re talking about CASETiFY, you’ll find covers for all the latest Apple 14 series devices. All of the images below will be of the iPhone 14 Pro in particular, although as mentioned above, there is something for just about every modern-day smartphone owner.

Now, if you’re a fan of the Spider-Verse franchise like me, let me get the disappointment out of the way. No, there are no Mile Morales covers this time. I know, I know, it would have been almost too perfect to see success On the other side of the Ragnoverse paired with some themed iPhone 14 cases for Miles, Gwen, Miguel O’Hara and the rest of the Spiderlings. But CASETiFY likes it retro here, and it’s going with some classic designs inspired by your core Spider-Man stories. So think more Peter Parker and less your wacky cast of animated heroes.

That said, the designs in the new CASETiFY Spider-Man collection truly speak for themselves. I was personally sent three different designs, each embodying our favorite neighborhood hero in different ways. By far the most iconic of the lot is the Spider-Man Mask Case. Starting from $68, this offers the hero’s signature disguise complete with those iconic white eyes and red webbed motif. This is the one I’m going to rock the most, just how much I love Parker’s mask, and any chance to bring that to my iPhone 14 Pro is welcome.

Not to overlook its iconic logo, CASETiFY is also releasing some covers with the Spider-Man insignia. Just like the masked version, this clear case is made from a red plastic that turns your phone into the suit itself. It has an embossed texture to all web and spider designs and is best suited to fans of Tobey Maguire or Andrew Garfield’s Spider-Man.

CASETiFY is also having fun with the collection by offering designs that are a little more loosely inspired by the hero. Instead of simply taking designs from Spider-Man’s suit and applying them to your phone, the Newspaper Case plasters your phone with different Daily Bugle clippings. So if you find yourself channeling your love of Spider-Man through some J. Jonah Jameson images of Spider-Man vibes, this cover offers something more unique.

While CASETiFY didn’t send anything, the new collection also includes some designs for Spider-Man’s most iconic villain. Venom gets some love by swapping the red designs for black aesthetics that really deliver the idea of ​​wrapping your iPhone 14 in a symbiote.

AirPods Pro covers get into Spider-Man action

It would be remiss not to also mention the other accessories that are part of the collaboration. CASETiFY also sent out one of its new AirPods Pro 2 cases, which wraps the earphones in the same signature Spider-Man style as the iPhone cases. In the past, I’ve written home about how exciting these covers are, and this new release is no different. CASETiFY may be well known for its smartphone cases, but there is something special about AirPods accessories.

For its collaboration with Spider-Man, the brand has chosen such a fun design that covers the Apple earphones in the webslinger. Instead of just going with a cover that packed a few decals, the company went all out and delivered a case with added texture. It’s a 3D cover that in addition to having a red plastic backing, is also covered in black cobwebs that give the whole design a bit more presence. There’s even a clip for attaching your AirPods Pro to a bag or keychain.

I just love how it turned out. It’s such a fun take on what an AirPods case can be, and it maintains the consistency of truly offering a one-of-a-kind accessory. If I had to recommend only one purchase from the new collection, it would definitely be the CASETiFY Spider-Man AirPods Pro Case. It even works with wireless chargers!

The new CASETiFY Spider-Man collection is now available to purchase directly from the company’s store. iPhone 14 cases start at $68while other accessories are available from $48. There are themed MagSafe chargers, AirPods Max covers, and plenty of other Apple add-ons, all suitably infused with Spider-Man and Venom themes.

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