Yes, Tim Cooks Vision Pro headset “killed” Steve Jobs’ iPhone! Apple has a new superstar

When thinking about what makes Apple products great, we often mention software, hardware, support, ecosystem integration, and ease of use. However, one thing few people talk about is how important it is Attention it’s for a product like the new iPhone, for example.

Of course, the amount of attention a product receives will likely match the marketing effort surrounding it and brand recognition; simple stuff – no rocket science. That said, every once in a while we see a product so disruptive that it pretty much markets itself, and not only that, but it also succeeds in steal attention from pretty much anything else around it. As far as Apple is concerned, such tech products include the original iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, and (to some extent) the MacBook M1 (2020), while in recent history, the hottest company, hottest product popular has to be the ubiquitous AirPods (debuted in 2016). In other words, even if you’re Apple, a disruptive piece of technology isn’t something you release every year, even if you have the strongest marketing team and brand recognition in the world.

Gradual transition coming

And that’s exactly what makes Apple Vision Pro a product that Candies It is probable Want steal the spotlight from the usual suspects in Apple’s 2023-2024 product lineup like the iPhone 15. Why? Well, the iPhone 15 will look more boring than ever next to the Apple Vision Pro. But wait, let me elaborate

Apple has a new superstar: iPhone may be Apple’s best-selling product, but it’s no longer the most exciting

Let’s be honest, folks Smartphones are getting a bit boring.

Despite the fact that our phones can do more than ever before, they’ve lost the novelty/wow factor that once got people excited: They’re no longer the super exciting piece of tech that fits in your pocket. Feel free to voice your opinion in the comments, but I think it’s because we now take phones for granted, which makes perfect sense. They have become a constant part of our day/life; an object that we don’t really think about but use.

Of course, the iPhone is also a smartphones, which means that it is not immune to all of these. If anything, the Apple phone might be the most boring smartphone out there (definitely if you ask me) thanks to how ubiquitous and simple it is to use (the latter being the general consensus). In fact, the iPhone is almost too simple if you ask Android users. I’ve already discussed this on PhoneArena, but the iPhone was already near its peak and it seems that Apple has managed to come up with a product that is already making people forget the work of Steve Jobs. invention, or at least notice it less than ever. The superstar presence of the Apple Vision Pro now makes the iPhone more boring than ever, and by “boring” I mean not special, and by not special I mean normal.

Like it or not, the iPhone is to the 21st century what the refrigerator was to the 20th century.

America has two new superstars: Miami gets Messi, Cupertino gets Apple Vision Pro

Now, am I saying people will stop caring about the iPhone? No not at all. In fact, I’m sure people would still stop by the Apple Store to see the new iPhone when it comes out, but I also believe that when they finally find themselves inside the Apple Store, they’ll have their eyes peeled for this crazy new thing. Apple Vision Pro. (and of course many of them will be disappointed because this is exclusive to the US (for now).

Apple Vision Pro will dull the iPhone 15 and make it look like the most boring iPhone ever; sell your iPhone and buy a Vision Pro now?

But how do I know that Apple Vision Pro will dim the iPhone? Well, it’s already happening

  • The Apple Vision Pro launch video is already the most watched video on Apple’s YouTube channel (as always); it took just over a week to surpass 50 million views
  • Even during Apple’s keynote no one paid much attention to the rest of the product reveal, or if people did, it was because they had to (journalists); ultimately, when the Apple Vision Pro was revealed, that was all anyone was talking about, anyway

  • Social media is already burning with Apple Vision Pro talks, YouTube videos; Stories like the one you’re reading right now come out every day – everyone has something to say about Apple Vision Pro, whether it’s good or bad

  • What’s more interesting and indicative of mainstream influence is that I see people who don’t usually engage with tech content talking about Apple Vision Pro: they like, share and comment on posts related to Vision Pro headset, because it’s exciting; everyone from Elon Musk to my regular friends is asking questions about the Apple Vision Pro, and this is quite an event, considering we never really discuss technology unless they need a new phone

  • Legacy news channels or television as your grandparents call it, actively covered the Apple Vision Pro launch; in fact the folks at Good Morning America were the only ones allowed to record video footage of the headphones while they were in use
  • Last but not least, the memes – they are countless and (sometimes) hilarious but one thing I will say is: don’t underestimate the potential of what I would call meme marketing; yes, some people may be making fun of Apple Vision Pro, but whether it’s light-hearted jokes or teasing, this can only help Apple’s new device to stay relevant on social media, which is a shining example of marketing in today’s world.

iPhone is here to stay – Apple Vision Pro can’t replace a smartphone because it’s nothing like it (but MacBook should be concerned)

In case all this Apple Vision Pro hype has you worried that the iPhone might be dead, no… The iPhone isn’t dead and it’s not going anywhere.

But the hype around the iPhone will now slowly start to die down due to this new kid on the block, Apple Vision Pro. Tell me: are you more excited to try out the new iPhone 15 or Apple’s new AR/VR headset? Which one will you stand in line for at the Apple Store? It’s about time Apple released a product that will remind everyone how stagnant iPhones (and other phones) really are.

Will people stop buying iPhones? Surely not. For starters, the Apple Vision Pro doesn’t even have cellular connectivity, but even if it did, no one would be walking around with this thing in the wild. I say this, realizing that someone (who may/may not be from Florida) will eventually commit a serious crime by wearing an Apple headset, but you get the idea.

Another reason the Apple Vision Pro isn’t here to replace the iPhone is because Tim Cook doesn’t like it cannibalism

But another reason the Apple Vision Pro isn’t here to replace the iPhone is because Tim Cook doesn’t like cannibalism! I know right?

While some companies make a dozen different phones every year and end up cannibalizing their sales, that’s not how Apple works. In fact, quite the opposite is true. Rest assured, Tim Cook & Co will do everything in their power (this is already happening) to ensure that the Apple Vision Pro is positioned and perceived as a stand-alone thing rather than a replacement for the iPhone. Why sell one thing when you can sell 2-3?!But an even better reason why the Apple Vision Pro isn’t replacing the iPhone is one that was very well communicated by Apple during WWDC. Apple Vision Pro is right computer – a space computer. So if anything, the Vision Pro is trying to be more of an alternative to the MacBook rather than the iPhone. Headphones are meant to let you play and indulge in a billion forms of entertainment, but they also want to help you become more productive.

While the Apple Vision Pro can (and I am convinced it will) eventually become a better alternative to the iPhone, iPad and MacBook when it comes to specific activities like watching movies, live sports and playing games, there is no way it will replace a device that fits in your pocket, costs a lot less, lasts a lot longer, and isn’t as scary.

In fact, I can guarantee that the iPhone and the Apple Vision Pro will complement each other long before the bulky headphones turn into a stylish pair of glasses. OR Self it does.

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