7 tips and tricks to capture fireworks on your phone like a pro


With Independence Day upon us here in the United States, it’s a great opportunity to witness some spectacular firework displays all around you. That means you’ll probably want to capture the amazing light shows in the night sky, so you can share them on social media for the world to see. And that means figuring … Read more

Best Samsung Phone Deals: Galaxy S23 Galaxy Z Fold 4 | Digital Trends

When it comes to Android, Samsung phones offer some of the best and most consistent experiences, with well-designed devices that push the boundaries of style. If you don’t care about all that and just want a well-designed, reliable phone, well, Samsung has you covered there too. Some of the best phone deals, overall, include Samsung … Read more

Steve Jobs was wrong. Having a stylus for your phone is great | Digital Trends

Christine Romero-Chan / Digital Trends In the past, before the iPhone, there were a myriad of PDA (Personal Digital Assistant) devices that came with a stylus. Every time you pulled that stylus out of your Palm or other PDA, you might have felt good and people would have thought, Wow, that guy means serious business. … Read more

That’s why Android manufacturers limit the performance of the phone

As consumers, we have a bad taste in our mouths when we feel that something is being “choked”. This usually means that telecom companies are limiting our data and ruining our online experience. It also means that not-so-unlimited data plans get capped when you exceed a certain amount of data in a month. Throttling practices … Read more

The Google Pixel experience would be the perfect fit for a flip phone

The Google Pixel experience would be the perfect fit for a flip phone

Flip phones are making a comeback in the foldable era, and I can’t help but think that Google’s Pixel experience would be the perfect fit for the form factor. This issue of 9to5Google Weekender is part of the rebooted 9to5Google newsletter that highlights the top Google stories with added commentary and other tidbits. Sign up … Read more

How to make sure your phone doesn’t get hot in the summer

Your iPhone may refuse to charge if it gets too hot.

An overheated phone is something you want to avoid — it can affect your device’s performance, degrade your battery, and even cause permanent damage to your phone (and everything in its immediate area). As we enter the summer months, spending more time out, increases the risk of your phone going from hot to dangerously hot. … Read more

6 Hidden Samsung Galaxy Shortcuts You Can Use on Any Samsung Phone

There are Android phones and then there are Samsung Galaxy phones. Since the early days of Android, Samsung has done more to improve and improve its phones than any other phone maker, all in the unabashed pursuit of being the best-selling phone in the world. If you own a Samsung Galaxy phone you’re in good … Read more

iPhone 15 Pro Max: Apple’s best big iPhone ever to finally convince small phone users to switch?

The biggest iPhone is still the best iPhone if you're a heavy media user.  - iPhone 15 Pro Max: Apple's best big iPhone ever to finally convince small phone users to switch?

I’ve been extremely vocal about my dislike of big phones, and (be assured), my stance hasn’t changed much. As an iPhone 13 mini user, I find phones like iPhone 14 Pro Max and Galaxy S23 Ultra Truly nice to see but extremely uncomfortable to put in a pocket or hold in one hand, which is … Read more

Is your internet connection slow on your Windows laptop, but not on your phone? Here’s how to fix it

Is your internet connection super-fast on your phone but acting like a lazy turtle on your laptop? Can you stream smooth HD video to your mobile device without buffering, but also struggle to open a website on your laptop browser? What is the reason for such a disparaging treatment of different devices by the Internet? … Read more