Apple Partner Suggests Potential Satellite Internet Capabilities for iPhone

iOS 16.1 will include satellite connection demo for iPhone 14 users

With the iPhone 14 last fall, Apple introduced its new Satellite Emergency SOS feature that allows users to contact emergency services and send short text messages without a cellular connection. Apple is working with Globalstar on its satellite technology, and in a new FCC filing, Globalstar hints at an expansion of the iPhone’s satellite capabilities. … Read more

The enormous power and potential danger of the Ars Technica code generated by artificial intelligence

The enormous power and potential danger of AI-generated code

In June 2021, GitHub announced Copilot, a kind of autocomplete for computer code based on OpenAI’s text generation technology. It provided a first glimpse of the impressive potential of generative AI to automate valuable work. Two years later, Copilot is one of the more mature examples of how technology can accomplish tasks that previously had … Read more

Ranking of industries based on their potential for AI automation

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Ranking of industries based on their potential for AI automation Since the release of tools like ChatGPT, artificial intelligence (AI) has begun to permeate industries around the world, transforming the way we work and live. To gain insight into this rapidly changing landscape, our sponsor MSCI ranked US industries based on their estimated share of … Read more

3 cloud computing stocks to buy with explosive upside potential

Stock ORCL: A three dimensional Oracle sign in an outdoor setting

Cloud computing is more than just using someone else’s computer. The ability for large teams to seamlessly collaborate, author and publish together has upended business workflows in a way few technologies have ever done before. No large modern company can even exist without cloud capabilities, and bigger companies are buying more and more cloud space … Read more