When Rinke Khanna Told Sister Twinkle Khanna She’s A Lesbian: Ms. Funnybones Takes A Shot At AI Robots, Politicians

Twinkle Khanna recently wrote a piece where she deftly juxtaposes robots and chatbots with politicians, pointing out their respective strengths and weaknesses.

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Author and columnist Twinkle Khanna knows how to piss off her readers, establishing her as the perfect match for the pseudonym Mrs Funnybones. In her new piece, she Twinkle deftly juxtaposes robots and chatbots with politicians, pointing out their respective strengths and weaknesses.

Sharing a photo of herself standing in front of a robot exhibit in what appears to be a museum on Instagram, Khanna noticed the headline of her latest column: Bot a joke! Because AI sucks at humor but can lie like a neta.

He went on to add, Apple’s new AI-powered AutoCorrect update will make me a grateful customer as it may save me from exchanging messages like this with my sister. Her: I’m going to the market, call later. Ok I’m a lesbian Me: What! And did you just find out? OMG! did you tell mom? Not her! I’m a lesbian not a lesbian Me: it’s an existential question how to be or not to be? Her: I hate my phone! damn typos I’M LEAVING I’M NOT A LESBIAN you idiot! Then she called back and we had a good laugh. I suppose it was the principle of incongruity that paid off for her. Al, programmed to be perfect, doesn’t understand that humor lies in human weakness.

Recalling how two German researchers tested ChatGPT’s comedic capabilities and found that of the 1,000 jokes it generated, 90% were repetitions of the same 25 jokes, Khanna said: On the other hand, there are scientists who name a compound that kills mushrooms Keanumycin as a tribute to Keanu Reeves, because he too is extremely deadly in his roles, and a politician who declares that women’s height has increased since the Modi government came to power.

So how can poor ChatGPT compete with humans who can make people laugh even when we’re not trying to be funny? How did you start using AI in your daily routine, she asked her followers.

The writer, renowned for her unapologetic honesty, recently recalled a situation where she bravely refused the director’s request to make a Mandakini for a scene in a song.

In a conversation with Waheeda Rehman, shared on Tweak India’s YouTube channel, Khanna said, I was wearing a white kurta and was ready for the quintessential rain song, and the director comes in with a shawl wrapped around him, mimicking Guru Dutt. And he says: If I tell you to make a Mandakini, what will you say? I said I will say two things. Firstly, I will say no, and secondly, you are not Raj Kapoor.

She said that after Mandakini’s accident, the director never spoke to her or cast her in another film.

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First published on: 06-25-2023 at 17:12 CEST

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