Artificial Intelligence now used in Grandparent Scam

This phone scam photo illustration shows a senior citizen getting ready to write a check after receiving a fake call from someone asking for money.
  • The grandparent scam is the same, but there’s a new twist.
  • A grandfather gets a panicked phone call that his grandson is in trouble and needs money.
  • But the scammers cloned his nephew’s voice using artificial intelligence.

If it wasn’t bad enough that scammers were targeting grandparents, trying to tug at their heartstrings with a panicked call from a “grandchild” in distress, now artificial intelligence is involved.

The grandparent scam is old, existing: the phone rings and someone says, grandma or grandpa? The grandpa will then say a grandchild’s name, which is the advantage for the scammer to get the unsuspecting grandpa.

The caller then usually reports that the nephew is in jail and needs the money immediately. A variation is an authority or officer of some sort calling upon the nephew.

A new twist on the grandparent scam

Of course, the caller says not to call the kids’ parents to verify anything because they don’t want them to know.

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