Virtual Internet announces the release of the Virtual 5G virtual circuit

V5G for consistent deliveries 5G speed for users

It can be tested by any online speed test

SINGAPORE AND SAN JOSE, Calif., June 27, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Virtual Internet, a leader in 5G (5th Generation) software mobile broadband technology, announced the release of Virtual 5G Virtual Circuit, rolling out worldwide, including on Google Play.

V5G is the global 5G

New version, first of its kind, enables V5G to consistently deliver 5G speeds to users even if their telecom provider’s network experiences fluctuations in quality of service AND can be tested by an online speed test

The new virtual 5G

The new Virtual 5G virtual circuit has improved performance, security and privacy. Virtual 5G Virtual Circuit is the cheapest 5G service available anywhere in the world. Virtual 5G provides 5G service to all apps on a user’s device. To do this, Virtual 5G Virtual Circuit adopts the main architectural requirements of smartphone operating systems where any app provides services to other apps on a user’s device and over a fully encrypted VPN tunnel.

Superior to all other encrypted connections and VPNs

Virtual 5G Virtual Circuit not only shows superior speed when users test V5G Virtual Circuit against any VPN provider, Virtual 5G Virtual Circuit offers 5G performance especially on Mobile Data (Cellular Radio) which is critical as 95% of global users access the Internet via mobile phones. Users can see for themselves by testing V5G on any VPN using Ookla, FAST, Google, OpenSpeedTest or any service they like.

Virtual 5G establishes a 5G virtual circuit between a user’s smartphone, tablet, computer, car or other IoT devices and the Virtual Internet Global Cloud. V5G users, in every country operating on every network, receive 5G service when accessing app services and content.

V5G Virtual Circuit: 5G speed even if the provider’s network quality fluctuates.

A virtual circuit (VC) is a means of carrying data over a data network, where a connection is first established across the network between two endpoints. Most transmission systems provide “best of strength” transportation; as with Internet Protocol, where packets are queued to routers and sometimes a packet is dropped if there isn’t enough capacity on the desired outgoing link. Because the original V5G is an Over The Top (OTT) service, speeds vary as users’ telecom provider’s physical network experiences quality of service issues.

Virtual 5G Virtual Circuit enables V5G to consistently deliver 5G speeds to users even as their physical telecommunications provider’s network experiences fluctuations in quality of service.

Virtual circuit: virtual network, real 5G performance

A virtual circuit (VC) is a superior form of networking with advanced benefits for users. A virtual circuit (connection-oriented) service is considered superior to a connectionless service for message handling.

The virtual circuit transfers data via a packet-switched network that makes the data source and destination end systems appear to be connected by a dedicated physical (wired) link even though they are operating over wireless media such as cellular (mobile) radio. Data) Satellite and Wi-Fi.

The Virtual Circuit establishes a path between the nodes of the network; this path appears to the user as a dedicated physical path, but is actually a logical circuit allocated from a managed pool of circuit resources. Network resources that are part of this path may be shared by other communications, however, these are not visible to this user.

Virtual Circuit: Carrying data rather than eliminating traffic

Once a virtual circuit is established, the logical channel allows the nodes of the virtual circuit to send data to each other. Network congestion is controlled by limiting inputs to a virtual circuit (or controlling data flow) rather than dropping data packets.

The terms “virtual circuit” and “virtual connection” are interchangeable. Rather than having a fixed data rate per connection as in circuit switching, the network exploits statistical multiplexing on its transmission links, an inherent feature of packet switching at the foundation of the entire Internet.

V5G Virtual Circuit: Let users control their own quality of service

Virtual 5G Virtual Circuit enables V5G to consistently deliver 5G speeds to users even as their physical telecommunications provider’s network experiences fluctuations in quality of service. Virtual 5G Virtual Circuit enables V5G to deliver 5G mobile broadband across 3G and 4G networks from 2G, 3G and 4G devices and enhances what 5G devices can do on their own.

About Virtual Internet Pte. srl.

Virtual Internet is a metaverse company, incorporated in Singapore. Virtual Internet is building a new community of millions of users, connected through multiple networks. Virtual Internet built and operates on its own Virtual 5G Global Overlay Network, which enables millions of other applications and services to be delivered over 5G mobile broadband speeds using existing cellular radio, Wi-Fi and SATCOM networks.

About ADARA Networks, Inc.

ADARA Networks, Inc. is recognized as a leading provider of SDN and Cloud Networking products. Virtual Internet Pte. srl, Singaporeis a wholly owned subsidiary of ADARA Networks.

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