Top 7 Ways to Boost WiFi Signal for Faster Internet


If you’re tired of slow WiFi speeds even on your home network, you’ll be happy to know that there are a few things you can do to improve the situation without breaking the bank. Of course, you can upgrade your WiFi router as a quick fix, but if you don’t want to spend money, these methods will come in very handy. So without further ado, here are the top 7 ways to boost WiFi signal for faster internet.

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Update your router’s firmware

Keeping your router’s firmware up-to-date ensures that it’s always at the top of its game. Router manufacturers regularly roll out new updates that optimize the device to produce better speeds. Here’s how to update the firmware of a D-Link WiFi router. Make sure you establish a wired connection between your router and your PC before starting.

Step 1: Download the latest firmware for your router using this link. You can also browse the D-Link website to look for any new updates.

Step 2: Launch the web browser on your PC and go to http://dlinkrouter, http://dlinkrouter.local or to access the router’s management portal.

Step 3: Enter the login credentials for your router. If you haven’t set any credentials, enter Admin as the username and look for the default password on the back of the router. If you can’t find a password, leave the field blank.

Step 4: Once logged in, click Manual Setup.

Step 5: Navigate to the Maintenance tab and select Firmware Update from the side menu.

Step 6: Navigate to the Firmware Update section and click Browse.

Step 7: Open the file you installed in step 1.

Step 8: The file will take a few seconds to load. Once uploaded, the router update process will begin. This may take a few minutes. Press Continue when the update is complete.

Place your router in the ideal spot

You may already know this, but the strength of your WiFi network depends on how close you are to your router and the quality of your connection. If the router is far from your workstation, you won’t be able to make the most of the connection. Find out the ideal location to place your router. If you share your connection with several people, placing your router in the center of your home/office is a good idea. Make sure there are no immediate objects blocking the router. If your router has antennas, adjust them to boost the WiFi signal.

Change the frequency band

Your WiFi router has two frequency bands 2.4GHz and 5GHz. The 2.4GHz bandwidth covers a wide range, while the 5GHz frequency band offers faster speeds in a short range. If you are close to your router, you can use the 5GHz band to enjoy faster speeds. You can configure this band using your WiFi router’s app or digital interface. If the 5GHz bandwidth has the same password as the 2.4GHz bandwidth, your device will automatically switch to the first whenever it’s in range.

Change the Wi-Fi password

Your WiFi bandwidth may be filled with several devices using it at any given time. It’s also possible that your neighbors are using your WiFi, leading to slower speeds. The fastest way to disconnect all unnecessary devices from the network is to change the WiFi password. Open the digital portal of your WiFi routers on your PC’s web browser to manage the password and connected devices.

Change the WiFi frequency channel

The two WiFi bandwidths we talked about earlier use different channels to service coverage within a range. If there are other WiFi networks near your router that use the same channel, your connection speed may be affected due to interference. In this case, you need to change the frequency channel. Apps like NetSpot let you view all the channels available for your router’s bandwidths. You can switch to a certain channel using your WiFi router’s app or online interface.

Remove the phone case

Sometimes, your phone case can prevent the antenna from getting a strong network signal. This problem is more common in older phones. If you’re using your home WiFi in a convenient spot, you can remove your phone case without the risk of it falling out. Once this is done, you will notice an immediate increase in speed.

Use a third party app

There are several third-party apps for your phone that can boost WiFi signal strength, leading to better speeds. Apps like Connection stabilizer booster AND Network signal speed booster it will give you that extra speed boost you need.

Frequent questions

Can I increase my Wi-Fi speed?

There are a few ways to increase the speed of your WiFi connections. You can try updating your router’s firmware, relocating your router to a better location, removing unwanted devices from your network, and switching to better bandwidth.

Can I increase WiFi speed on Android?

To boost WiFi speed on Android, remove your phone case and use a signal booster app.

How can I extend the range of my routers?

To extend the range covered by your WiFi router, make sure there are no objects blocking it. You can also upgrade its antennas or use a range extender for this task.

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Here’s how you can boost your WiFi signal for faster internet speeds. If you are still not satisfied with your internet speed after trying all the methods mentioned above, it might be time to upgrade your router. I found this article helpful, let us know in the comments!

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