3 Ways to Convert PNG to JPG/JPEG on Windows Without Internet – TechPP

how to convert png to jpg/jpeg in windows without using internet?

If you work a lot with images, you probably already know that there are different types of image formats, with .png and .jpg/jpeg being the most common. Also, these two image formats offer different uses. That is why sometimes it is necessary to convert these file formats, which is quite simple with the help of … Read more

5 ways decentralized identity will impact the internet and our privacy

Identity is a basic human right that empowers us to participate in society. With the internet in place, our contribution has gotten even better. However, with such power in an age of data centralization and commodification, the need for an elaborate identity system cannot be emphasized enough. MUO video of the day SCROLL TO CONTINUE … Read more

3 Ways to Drive Sustainability in High Performance Computing – CIO

Dell chart

Finding the answer to the world’s most pressing problems relies on a crucial capability: High Performance Computing (HPC). With HPC, complex issues that have baffled humanity for centuries are being unraveled at record speed, such as unraveling the mysteries of the universe, finding cures for disease, sequencing DNA, and mitigating the impacts of climate change. … Read more