The godfather of artificial intelligence leaves Google and warns of the danger ahead

Artificial intelligence (AI) pioneer, Dr Geoffrey Hintonmade headlines recently like him walks away from Google to openly express his concerns about the potential dangers of AI. With a career spanning half a century, Dr. Hinton has played an integral role in the development of AI technology, including the seminal work behind popular chatbots such as … Read more

Where Is The Dislike Button?, Pasoori’s remake of Kartik and Kiara leaves the internet divided

Where is the dislike button?, Pasoori Remake ft.  Kartik Aaryan Leaves Internet Divided

For once the sun may rise from the south, but Bollywood’s obsession with remakes and remixes can’t saturate itself. After Ali Sethis Pakistani Coke Studio track Pasoori took the world by storm with its outlandish tone and vibe, Bollywood has decided to redirect the fame in the form of a remake. indiatimes Sung by Arijit … Read more