Galaxy Z Fold 4 gets One UI 5.1.1 Beta with a long list of new features

According to the Twitter whistleblower Ice universe, the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 has started receiving One UI 5.1.1 Beta. The final, stable version of One UI 5.1.1 will be pre-installed on the Galaxy Z Fold 5 when the latest iteration of the book-style fold is released in late July or August. To be clear, this is NOT the One UI 6 Beta which includes the first Beta of Android 14 and is being tested internally by Samsung for the Galaxy S23 series. That Beta program should start in the third week of July.
The One UI 5.1.1 has a good sized change list. According to the Samsung community site, the update includes the following changes:
  • You can quickly switch between a pop-up app and split-screen view by holding down the handle at the top of the pop-up window and dragging it to the desired side. You can also drag the pop-up screen off the screen by dragging it sideways. When you want it to return to its original position, tap it again.
  • The S Pen can perform a cool trick that’s better than pulling a rabbit out of a hat. With One UI 5.1.1 Beta on the Galaxy Z Fold 4, when you hover the S Pen over a minimized app icon, you’ll see a preview of what the app will look like on launch
  • With the update, up to four recently used apps can appear in the system tray. If the number of icons on the taskbar is seven or less, the taskbar itself will automatically adjust to make it easier for the user to select the Home button, recent apps button, and back button at the bottom of the screen.
  • With One UI 5.1.1 Beta, more apps support multiple windows in Flex mode. And in Flex mode, you’ll be able to fast forward and rewind while watching video content. And by customizing the toolbar in Flerx mode, you’ll be able to perform functions including split-screen viewing and screen capture. You will be able to add, remove, reorder or move an icon by long pressing on it.
  • Flex mode is when you turn your Galaxy Z Fold 4 into a mini laptop by unfolding the device, turning it sideways, and placing the unit on a desk. One side of the internal display is on top and acts as a laptop screen, while the other side of the display acts as virtual controls.
  • With One UI 5.1.1 Beta, users will be able to change the date and time of a watermark used on a photo. Flex mode is enhanced in Pro mode to make it easier to change ISO and shutter speed as these controls are located at the bottom of the screen when the device is closed in Pro and Pro Video modes. In the full screen capture view, you can select multiple photos by long pressing on them. Once selected, you can share them all at once or delete them in one go.
  • Samsung is replacing the sliders on the Galaxy Z Fold 4 with dials as One UI 5.1.1 Beta allows users to adjust filters and tonal effects with one hand. The tones and filters used on some of your favorite photos can be copied and pasted into other photos. In My Files and on the home screen, you can drag and drop with both hands. Use one hand to drag files, photos, or other items, and use the other hand to select a location or folder where you want the items you’re dragging to end up.
  • With the update, you can place your Galaxy Z Fold 4 unfolded with the internal screen facing down and use Wireless Power Share to turn on your Galaxy Buds or Galaxy Watch. At the same time, you can still use the cover screen as a phone.
  • When internal storage is less than 5GB or 10%, app cache information is displayed, making it easier to free up storage space without deleting files or apps. Users will see more information about which apps are using too much memory, and those that do can be put into a “sleep state”.
Yes, that’s a pretty extensive list of changes, and right now the update is rolling out to Galaxy Z Fold 4 models in South Korea. If you own this phone in other countries, please be patient; Samsung will catch up with you. The One UI 5.1.1 update will be limited to eligible versions of the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold and Galaxy Z Flip phones.

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The Galaxy Z Fold 4 and Galaxy Z Flip 4 received One UI 5.0 with Android 13 last December. You can probably expect the foldables to be updated to One UI 6.0 and Android 14 during Q4 of this year.

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