Biden admin, top Democrats plot to wake up AI, watchdog says


June 25, 2023 | 11:51am

A conservative group is accusing the White House and powerful Democrats and liberals of plotting to wake up the AI.

Pointing to public plans to train AI systems to be more inclusive and less prone to harmful bias or algorithmic discrimination, the American Accountability Foundation warns in a new memo that by taking control of AI, political ideologues can take over the world.

The efforts of the Biden administration [to] making the AI ​​wake up is absolutely terrifying. The prospect of AI being rigged by the left is indeed Orwellian, American Accountability Foundation chairman Tom Jones told The Post.

This is just another example of how the awakening never misses an opportunity to seize power. All Americans need to know what Biden and his cronies are doing.

The AAF memo cites four recent democratic public strategies as evidence of a larger quest to reawaken nascent technology.

President Joe Biden, White House Science Advisor Arati Prabhakar, and California Governor Gavin Newsom attend an event discussing the opportunities and risks of artificial intelligence.
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The first is the draft for an AI Bill of Rights released by the White House Office of Science e
Technology policy last October. The project warns against algorithmic discrimination where systems treat people differently based on their race, gender or other characteristics.

To remedy this, the project recommends steps such as proactive fairness assessments as part of system design.

Independent assessment and plain-language reporting in the form of an algorithmic impact assessment, including disparity test results and mitigation information, should be performed and made public whenever possible to confirm these protections, says the project.

Vice President Kamala Harris speaks at the start of a meeting with Caribbean leaders on Paradise Island, The Bahamas.

The second is the national strategic plan for artificial intelligence research and development released in May. Similar to the AI ​​Bill of Rights, the plan warns that AI systems are prone to hallucinations and recapitulate biases derived from the unfiltered internet data used to train them.

It requires safeguards and research to understand how AI can reduce inequalities stemming from systemic, structural, stemming from systemic, structural and individual biases.

That report came from the National Science and Technology Council, whose members include AI czar and Vice President Kamala Harris, who has previously warned of the dark potential of racism in AI.

It’s a real problem and it’s happening in real time. And the thing about racial bias in technology is that unlike racial bias you can [identify] pretty easily all of us can detect when you’re stopped in a department store or while you’re driving the bias built into the technology isn’t going to be very easy to detect, she said in 2019 while she was a California senator.

Miriam Vogel, Chair of the National AI Advisory Board.

Third is the appointment of Miriam Vogel to chair the National AI Advisory Committee, which advises the president on budding technology. Vogel serves as President and CEO of EqualAI, which is committed to reducing unconscious biases in our AI and promoting responsible AI governance.

As with the AI ​​used in employment decisions, your AI programs and especially customer-facing systems should be checked regularly for bias. AI learns new patterns as it receives new data and can adopt new biases, says EqualAI.

Finally, AAF points out that Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumers (D-NY) recently unveiled the SAFE Innovation Framework, which warns that AI has the potential to supercharge disinformation and amplify bias.

White House Office of Science and Technology Director Arati Prabhakar speaks at the Democracy Summit.

If these efforts continue unhindered, we will soon awaken to a world where leftist ideas and
politicians are promoted and their opposition suppressed in the name of fighting prejudice,” reads the AAF note.

A world where the AIs that control who gets treated in hospitals or who gets hired and fired make their decisions based on skin color instead of data in the name of inclusiveness; a world where anyone who disagrees with the revival agenda is left in the dark.

AI has garnered a lot of interest with the rise of chatbots like ChatGPT that can emulate human conversation and creativity.

The ChatGPT app appears on an iPhone.

Space and electric car mogul Elon Musk has long sounded the alarm about the possibility of AI going wrong and has also stressed the risks of it waking up.

The danger of training AI to be woken up in other words, lying is deadly, he tweeted last year.

President Biden hosted a panel discussion in California last week with critics on the role of Big Tech in the development of advanced technology. Schumer also launched his proposal to regulate AI last week.

The White House did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

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