6 Hidden Samsung Galaxy Shortcuts You Can Use on Any Samsung Phone

There are Android phones and then there are Samsung Galaxy phones. Since the early days of Android, Samsung has done more to improve and improve its phones than any other phone maker, all in the unabashed pursuit of being the best-selling phone in the world. If you own a Samsung Galaxy phone you’re in good company, right from the first Galaxy S23 Ultra at the convenient Galaxy A54and you have a phone that can do a lot of things no other phone can.

Unfortunately, you probably don’t know many of these great features, so I’m here to update you on some of my favorite Samsung Galaxy shortcuts. These will work on a wide range of Galaxy devices, not just the more expensive oi best samsung phones. Most importantly, these are just a starting point. Once I point you in the right direction, if you keep exploring you’ll find more shortcuts and great features.

1. Open any app with the side key, not just the camera

Samsung Galaxy A54 review Cool purple buttons

Use that button for more than just turning it on and off (Image credit: Future | Alex Walker-Todd)
  • Open Settings: Advanced Features: Side Key
  • Open the camera with a double press or choose any app
  • Press and hold to talk to Bixby or open the power menu

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