Top 100X Altcoins: Cardano, Internet Computer and BEASTS Coin

As the cryptocurrency market emerges from a prolonged period of dormancy, new vigor has swept through the industry. Altcoins, in particular, burst onto the scene, lighting up the market, signaling an opportunity to delve into their potential to generate extraordinary returns. If you aspire to be part of this procession of profits, check out our hand-picked selection of the top 100X altcoins: established residents Cardano and Internet Computer, and promising newcomer, BEASTS Coin (BEASTS).

Cardano: Scalable Encryption

Cardano has become a prominent figure in the cryptocurrency industry due to its emphasis on sustainability, security, and scalability. Cardano has shined brightly during the cryptocurrency market bull phase in 2020/21, skyrocketing from a modest $0.018 to a remarkable $3.06 peak in April 2021. Investors who believed in Cardano were rewarded handsomely , with returns exceeding a staggering 16,000%.

In an industry characterized by intense competition within the layer 1 blockchain space, Cardano stands out thanks to its scientific approach, free from deceptive marketing strategies adopted by others. Its enduring importance is a testament to the project’s commitment to sound principles and innovation.

Internet computers: the future of the Internet

Internet Computer Protocol (ICP) is a blockchain technology designed to improve efficiency, speed and decentralization in data storage and computer systems. Address the limitations of the traditional internet, such as security vulnerabilities, privacy issues, and monetization issues.

While reaching the previous all-time high may take some time, price forecasts point to a positive trajectory for ICP. With its strong technological foundation, ICP represents a promising investment opportunity, with significant potential earnings. The growth rate of ICP will depend on various factors, including its long-term potential. Given its usefulness, ICP could potentially experience substantial growth of 400-500% within a few years.

Coin BEASTS: The Crypto Mutineer

Introducing BEASTS Coin (BEASTS), a brand new cryptocurrency that goes beyond mere meme status. The token introduces a unique concept that combines exciting storytelling with the unlimited potential of digital assets, reshaping the way we perceive cryptocurrency.

The narrative revolves around the scientist Rabbit 4001, who transforms animals into powerful beasts through mutagens, one animal per pre-sale phase, in an attempt to assemble a rebel team that will establish the DeFi rule. The beasts will open their cages, more powerful than before, like compound bottoms. Also, each beast adds the upcoming NFT Space to the tokens. This is not just a cryptocurrency; it’s an immersive experience altogether.

But wait, there’s more! Check out the “Beastly Referral” scheme offered by BEASTS. Sign up on the website, connect your wallet, generate the code, share it and relax. The 20% USDT fee is instantly rewarded and reflected with each use of the code. It’s like opening a door to infinite passive income. Not only that, but referred users also get an irresistible 20% bonus for sharing the joy! This creates an unstoppable cycle of rewards: each participant contributes to the exponential growth of the project. Don’t miss out on this golden opportunity to join the thriving BEASTS community, as Meme Coins thrive on passionate support and active engagement. The time to act is now!

The takeaway

While ADA and ICP are among the top considerations for 100X returns investing in altcoins, they are not without their drawbacks. The promise of the Internet Computer is being countered by the backlash from the Internet, as concerns arise about its centralized nature and the potential erosion of the Internet and cryptocurrency autonomy. ADA Investors Are Wondering, Can Cardano Hit $100? but while the network possesses several positive attributes, the cryptocurrency is unlikely to reach a price point of $100 considering the existing circulating supply.

BEASTS Coin, therefore, emerges as the winner among the best altcoins to invest in. Be one of ten lucky winners who will get an exciting chance to claim their share of the lavish $10,000 prize pool. Act now and embrace the excitement of potentially securing a significant reward!

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