This Ticketmaster hack to find better concert seats has divided the internet

The controversial attack on Ticketmaster’s seat by this social media user has gone viral, and the internet is getting mixed responses. What do you think?

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man explains ticketmaster seat hack
Source: TikTok/@xmarxwasright69x

Concertgoers know the anxious feeling of getting ready to find the perfect seats for an upcoming live event on Ticketmaster. Where will you land in the virtual queue? Will the purchase actually go through, or will it drag you to the back of the line for seemingly no reason? To upgrade or not to upgrade? OK, now the tickets are gone.

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Sometimes you can increase your chances of getting good seats by becoming a verified fan of the artist you’re looking to see or by having a specific brand credit card that gives you access to advance sales. But even when you feel like you’re doing everything right, your chances can still be slim.

Indeed, Ticketmaster has come under fire in 2023 for the lackluster way it handles ticket sales, particularly in relation to Taylor Swift’s The Eras tour.

However, one user on TikTok, using the username @xmarxwasright69x, proved it could be much simpler, and his hack has divided the internet. Here is the tea.

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User @xmarxwasright69x, who we’ll call Mark (because he’s funny), shared a TikTok of himself during a live performance by girl group TWICE, and his view of the stage seemed to be pretty sweet. Text superimposed on the video reads: “Went to Ticketmaster to see what seat in front of me was unoccupied, and I just sat there. Slay.”

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Evidently, Mark’s strategy is to buy a cheaper ticket, and then, once inside the venue, pull out the Ticketmaster app to see which seats with better views than yours haven’t yet been purchased. Et voilà you have a brand new, much better place without all the hassle and extra money.

While the hack looks pretty genius on the surface, there are certainly some internet users who prove it’s not quite as foolproof as one might think.

“I once had to kick people out of our seats because the staff upgraded our tickets last minute, though,” one user shared.

“Someone did this to me (I arrived a little late) and had the audacity to get angry. Like, I paid for them, I was just late,” said another user.

“If you’re broke, just say it,” someone else said.

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Other users were quick to point out other reasons why the hack wouldn’t work.

“OK, but I swear the venues near me have people checking your ticket at every section-level entrance,” someone said. Mark replied, “The seat I stole was in the same section. Just a couple rows up.”

Another TikTok commentator, Val, said that Ticketmaster has cracked down on this particular strategy: “I used to do this, but now Ticketmaster doesn’t show anything 2-3 hours before the show starts.”

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However, some commentators were in awe of Mark’s genius, thanking him for his service to the concert community.

“I’ll do it in Atlanta,” shared one commenter.

“Giving me ideas,” said another.

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Source: TikTok

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Even if the hack seems harmless, since you’re not technically stealing anyone’s job, there are definitely a number of reasons why you might not want to try it. As some users have mentioned above, many venues have security check tickets at section entrances and you don’t want to be caught trying to sneak into a section that isn’t yours.

Also, while tickets may go unclaimed at the time, there’s no guarantee that someone won’t buy a late ticket, effectively kicking you out of your great seat.

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Also, it seems Swifties is still out of luck with this hack, as it certainly won’t work on sold-out shows. There must *be* an empty seat to *fill* an empty seat.

So what do you think? Will you try this trick at your next concert or will you stick to your assigned seat?

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