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If you’re looking for something to fill the dystopian hole in your TV schedule since season one of The Last of Usdone, Apple TV+s Silohe is a more than worthy candidate. The sci-fi thriller, which has already been renewed for a second season and is undoubtedly one of the best new shows this year, is a unique apocalyptic story told at a thrilling pace that will keep you on the edge of your seat, eager to find out what’s going on. later, all the way.

The story takes twists and turns you might not see coming. While the ending offers a satisfyingly horrific resolution, it also leaves the door open for many more stories to be told in the already confirmed Season 2 of the hit Apple TV+ show.

What is the Silo?

The first and most important question is answered right from the start: what is the Silo? It is a silo-like underground structure hundreds of stories high. Survivors work, live and communicate with each other, from the workers on the ground floor to the elite on the upper levels. No one knows why, how or by whom the silo was created. But everyone has been told that the outside world is a dangerous wasteland.

How do they know? They are glimpsed through an oversized cafeteria window showing the land gray and lifeless. They are not prisoners. Anyone who declares that they want to leave is granted. But since everyone inside watches as the person leaves the facility in protective gear and presumably dies instantly, not many ever utter those two words.

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The story begins when the sheriff of the Holston silo (David Oyelowo) locks himself in a cell stating that he wants to go out to find her. Flashback to years ago and the woman he talks about is his wife Allison (Rashida Jones). They were thrilled to have received permission to remove Allison’s birth control device. But months, a full year later, she still can’t get pregnant. Skeptical of this, Allison meets George (Ferdinand Kingsley), an inquisitive man who works in IT. He also suspects that all is not as it seems.

Desperate and angry upon learning that she may have been tricked, Allison cuts up her body to prove that the birth control device was never removed. You are right. It turns out those in charge of her didn’t think she was the right kind of person to have a child, but still gave her false hope.

Convinced that this is just one of the many things she’s been lied to about, Allison makes that heartbreaking request for a few words. After being dressed and walking out, Holston watches in horror, she seemingly falls to the floor lifeless. Years later, something (or someone) convinces Holston that he needs to get out too.

Enter Juliet

Central to the plot is Holston’s meeting with Juliette (Rebecca Ferguson), George’s close friend (later revealed to be his romantic partner) and the silo’s chief engineer. She is convinced that George’s untimely death, which occurred long after Allison’s departure, was not a suicide. She believes he was murdered and Holston wants to know why.

Over time, Juliette comes to trust Holston and he, despite his fierce loyalty to the silo, can’t shake the feeling that his theories sound just like his late wives. The pair secretly investigate, and in the end, Holston decides that he must know the truth on his own, so he asks out and names Juliette as his successor. Based on the rules of the silo, Mayor Ruth (Geraldine James) wants to honor her request, despite her reservations that a lowly engineer with no law enforcement experience is the preferred option of her comrades.

After initially turning down the position, Juliette realizes that access would give her the opportunity to dig deeper, leading her out of the dark depths of the basement and able to explore the entire silo. She may be able to make sense of George’s death and discover the truth they had come so close to before his death. But first she has to work to fix a bent blade in the turbine which is critical to the operation of the silo.

Doing so requires a forced temporary blackout and during the hours of darkness, the power goes out momentarily. Instead of a dark wasteland, a picture of lush greenery and birds appears on the huge screen that residents watch all day. It’s only a fraction of a second, but it’s enough to make some residents double-cross. They shrug it off quickly, back to no, it can’t be a state of blissful ignorance and blind following. Would they really want to go out to find out? Is it worth the risk?

Juliette doesn’t see it, but remains suspicious. The discovery of each clue leads to the realization that she needs to tread lightly. She doesn’t know who she can trust.

Bernard (Tim Robbins), the head of IT, opposes his appointment to the authoritative position. So is head of security Sims (Common), who instead wanted his friend and deputy Paul Billings (Chinaza Uche) in the position. After several mysterious deaths, including Mayor Ruth and Holston’s former partner Deputy Marnes (Will Patton), Juliette is certain something sinister is afoot. But what, why and who is behind it?

i want to go out

In a major twist, as Juliette gets closer to the truth, she discovers that both Bernard and Sims are lying and covering up, protecting secrets that have yet to be known. After a high-action run through the Silo that involves kidnapping Sims’ wife, learning about secret cameras behind mirrors, and aiding defectors in IT, the walls start closing in. Sims and Bernard capture Juliette and tell the townspeople that she has asked to go. her out, even though she did no such thing.

Terrified, Juliette dons the elaborate gown and, as is the custom with all who leave, is given a cloth to clean the camera lens and give everyone a clearer view of the outside. The ritual act is typically the former residents’ last move before apparently dying. As Juliette exits, breathing heavily, everyone in the silo watches from the camera. She lifts the cloth and then drops it defiantly to the ground. She refuses to submit.

How does Silo season 1 end?

Juliette walks by and stumbles upon the supposed dead bodies of Allison and Holston, who she can’t actually see through the VR view in her suit, but recognizes by touch. She puts down Holston’s badge and notices something strange, like an image projected under her hand. She looks at the heat tape on her sleeve and remembers what Martha (Harriet Walter) had told her. Her mentor, mother figure and skilled electrical engineer made sure she had this tape to provide adequate protection.

Juliette continues to walk further than anyone else. Watching, horrified, Bernard screams that he knows and rushes to shut down the system. There’s something he doesn’t want, no, he can’t show others. Is it an illusion? A social experiment? Or is there really an uninhabitable wasteland outside, but other secrets that would shock the populace? When Bernard flips the switch, Juliette sees the same wasteland that’s visible from inside the silo, and it goes on for miles and miles. But most shockingly, as she reaches the top of a hill, she sees more silos all around her. Maybe the wasteland ISt real and the picturesque scene is the lie. But why the secrets?

The thing is, no one has ever come out of the silo and come back. Whether they are truly dead or still alive, what the real world looks like, and most importantly why, all remain a mystery. A secret tunnel that Juliette once discovered may contain the key. But who is left inside to help? The mystery of the silo and the outside world will continue in season two.

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