The best screen protectors for OnePlus Pad in 2023

Great protection for a great screen

After many years of producing smartphones, OnePlus has boldly stepped into the tablet market. With the release of the OnePlus Pad, it intends to make a grand entrance and capture attention. While this first-generation device isn’t necessarily flawless, it embodies the “flagship experience at a lower price point” that OnePlus is known for, along with other little perks that make it one of the best Android tablets. But there’s more.

To enrich the user experience and possibly win over Apple enthusiasts, OnePlus has incorporated iPad-like functionality into this device, as well as unique elements for integration with OnePlus phones. With all of this in mind, we imagine that you, an owner, will be impressed with this tablet and want to safeguard it from harm. That’s why we’ve curated a list of the best protectors to safeguard the most important and vulnerable part of your tablet: its screen!

  • Orzero OnePlus Pad screen protector

    Source: Orzero

    Orzero screen protector for OnePlus Pad

    The best ever

    Orzero makes excellent screen protectors, and its OnePlus Pad offering is no exception. Crafted from premium tempered glass with precision and durability in mind, it provides unmatched protection from damage without fiddling with display quality and sensitivity. With a matte surface finish, it promotes a smooth tactile experience and eliminates unsightly reflections. Besides, this screen protector comes with necessary installation tools, so you can apply it very conveniently.

  • Skinomi Matte OnePlus Pad Screen Protector

    Source: Skinomi

    Skinomi Matte Screen Protector for OnePlus Pad

    premium choice

    Skinomi has long been a household name in the screen protection industry and this prominence is a result of their superb TPU films. This time, a self-healing anti-glare protector has been created for the OnePlus Pad, incorporating a military-grade polymer for superior protection from scratches and scuffs. While it may be slightly more expensive than other options for the OnePlus Pad, it justifies its price on sheer excellence.

  • Supershieldz OnePlus Pad screen protector

    Source: Supershieldz

    Supershieldz Screen Protector for OnePlus Pad

    Best value

    While Supershieldz is famous for its high-quality and affordable tempered glass protectors, the company also produces PET films of similar quality. A prime example is the OnePlus Pad Screen Protector, a scratch-resistant matte film that provides true edge-to-edge coverage of your display without interfering with clarity and responsiveness. And considering it comes as a pack of three protectors for under $10, you can taste the “value for money” Supershieldz are known for.

  • atFoliX OnePlus Pad screen protector

    Source: atFoliX

    atFoliX Screen protector for OnePlus Pad

    High-end TPU

    The atFoliX screen protector has a 4H tough TPU film that does a decent job protecting the display from scuffs, scratches and dings. It features a non-glare matte finish, which improves the readability of the display in bright light conditions. And being a non-glass protector, applying it bubble-free is simple and effortless. However, the only drawback of this protection is the long time (over a month) that the company takes to deliver it to you.

  • Ratesell OnePlus Pad screen protector

    Source: Ratesell

    Ratesell screen protector for OnePlus Pad

    Made from super strong 9H tempered glass, the Ratesell screen protector offers top-level protection against scratches and high-impact drops while maintaining the original quality and sensitivity of the display. It features an oleophobic anti-fingerprint coating, ensuring it is always clean and smudge-free. It also fits perfectly on the screen of the OnePlus Pad, with the perfect selfie camera cutout. In addition, its edges are rounded by 2.5D to promote smooth scrolling on the corners of the display.

  • Screen protector zZjoOoj OnePlus Pad

    Source: zZjoOoj

    zZjoOoj screen protector for OnePlus Pad

    This tempered glass protector has a hardness of 9H, which means it’s perfectly capable of protecting your Pad’s screen from scratches, scrapes and bumps. But the best part is that it does so without interfering with the clarity and responsiveness of your display. This screen protector is also resistant to smudges and sweat marks thanks to its upgraded oleophobic coating. And it comes in a pack of two, giving you extra protection if needed.

Why your OnePlus Pad needs a screen protector

While OnePlus devices aren’t particularly known for their strength or resilience, the OnePlus Pad managed to impress us. As shown in the JerryRigEverything durability test, it is evident that the OnePlus Pad could be the company’s most durable device. And when compared to tablets from brands such as Apple and Samsung, it stands out beautifully in the battle of toughness. So why do you still need a screen protector?

While the OnePlus Pad successfully passed Zack’s rigorous durability assessment, including the infamous bending test, we learned something important: its screen isn’t impervious to scratches. So if you plan on carrying yours in a bag along with considerably hard items like keys, you’re going to need an extra layer of protection. Also, should you ever drop your device from a considerable height, the screen protector will be enough to keep it unharmed.

Bolster your tablet’s 11.61-inch display

The OnePlus Pad boasts a stunning 11.61-inch HDR10+ display with a 144Hz refresh rate and a maximum brightness of 500 nits. It sure is a beautiful display, complemented by the perfectly sized bezels that surround it to create an impressive viewing experience. Naturally, one would be dazzled and immediately want to put on a screen protector to preserve its beauty. However, due to the short time this card has spent on the market and its limited popularity, there aren’t many compatible screen protectors available.

However, among the few available options, you can still find an excellent one that matches your preferences, be it tempered glass, TPU or PET film. For example, among our recommendations, the Orzero screen protector stands out as an outstanding tempered glass screen protector. It effectively protects your device without affecting the functionality of the display and is easy to install. Close behind in terms of quality are the Ratesell and zZjoOoj tempered glass protectors.

Coming to the appearance of the TPU films, the Skinomi Matte screen protector dominates entirely. She fits perfectly on the screen of the OnePlus Pad, appearing almost invisible to the naked eye. In addition to her elegant appearance, she offers aesthetically appealing features such as self-healing and anti-reflection properties. However, it’s worth noting that atFoliX’s TPU film boasts similar specs but comes at a much higher price point. When it comes to PET films, the highly qualified protector Supershieldz stands out as an affordable choice and is currently the only competitor in its class.

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