That’s why your next power bank should be made from graphene instead of the regular Yanko lithium design

BOLD 2 Power Bank - the ultimate power for all your devices

Imagine having a power bank that charges your MacBook by 50% in just half an hour, or a power bank that can fast charge 3 laptops, a phone, earphones and a smartwatch all at the same time, or a power bank that looks slim, but has enough battery power to recharge your AirPods 51 times from start to finish. Ordinary Li-ion cells can’t do this, but graphene can. Built with state-of-the-art lithium-polymer graphene composite cells, the BOLD 2 is practically officially the fastest power bank in the world for its size. Featuring a massive 27,000mAh battery capable of delivering 290W of peak power, the BOLD 2 has capacity and power that surpasses any power bank of its size. It looks and feels like your average power bank, but it can simultaneously charge 6 devices simultaneously, both wired and wireless. Get it from us ordinary Li-ion batteries are history

Designer: Carolina GutiƩrrez

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The BOLD 2 comes from the folks at UZE, a Miami-based startup looking to reinvent the way we charge our gadgets. The company introduced the first edition of the BOLD in 2021, featuring the same graphene technology and an impressive 260W of power. The BOLD 2 pushes those odds by offering higher power output in the same classic, crowd-favorite design. Measuring just 7.5 inches long, 3.4 inches wide, and 1.18 inches thick, the BOLD 2 looks just like your regular power bank, making it easy to carry and use wherever you go. It takes up a minimal amount of space in your backpack and on your desk, yet will charge just about any device around it.

The side of the power bank features four USB-C ports, two 30W ports for regular devices like phones and AirPods, a huge 140W port for laptops, one with 100W input-output that charges laptops but lets you even charge the BOLD 2 itself, while also supporting pass-through charging. Look up, and the BOLD 2 has two familiar designs marking power bank wireless charging spots, one with a 5W indentation and output for your Apple Watch, and another with built-in MagSafe and a 15W output. Qi compatible W for your smartphone. Right next to it is also an OLED surface that provides real-time information about energy levels and charge status.

BOLD 2 makes some literally bold claims about how powerful and revolutionary it is. With its ability to deliver up to 140W from a single USB-C port, the BOLD 2 claims to be the only power bank capable of charging your MacBook by 50% in just half an hour, roughly the same how fast you plug your MacBook charger into a power outlet. Plus, the built-in 100Wh/27,000mAh battery lets you fully charge your MacBook twice, your iPhone 8 times, or your AirPods 51 times in under 75 minutes.

All that power is all thanks to the BOLD 2s lithium-polymer graphene composite cells. Unlike regular Li-ion cells, they are much more efficient, hold more energy, deliver more power and last 4 times longer than regular Li-ion batteries, allowing your BOLD 2 to constantly charge your devices for more than 5 years with a negligible drop in performance. A state-of-the-art temperature defense system also adds a layer of protection, preventing overheating, overcharging, over-current, short-circuiting and over-voltage, while built-in power management features also help the BOLD 2 deliver the right amount of power to each device to charge them all quickly and efficiently.

This is not UZE’s first rodeo with power banks. The original BOLD device from 2021 saw over 5,000 users benefit from its powerful capabilities and UZE is betting on a future where all power banks will rely on graphene instead of ordinary lithium-ion. The BOLD 2 is perfect for all kinds of applications, given its ability to charge a wide range of devices. It’s perfect for photographers and videographers who want to power their laptops alongside drones, cameras and other devices, or even for nomads who want to be able to work anywhere without worrying about carrying around 10 different chargers. If you’re having trouble finding a power outlet, the BOLD 2 acts as a wonderful charging hub, allowing you to use a single power outlet to charge the BOLD 2 itself along with all your other devices.

The BOLD 2 is made from anodized aluminum along with a polycarbonate charging surface making it strong, lightweight and naturally flame retardant. Weighing in at 1.54 pounds (698 grams), it’s perfect for taking with you wherever you go and is considered safe for carrying on flights as well. The BOLD 2 starts at just $159 and comes with a 1-year warranty. Plus, you can even grab one of UZEs GaN chargers to fast charge your power bank while fast charging your other devices!

Click here to buy now: $159 $289 (44% off). Hurry, less than 48 hours left! Raised over $120,000.

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