How section 230 helped shape discourse on the internet

FILE - A sign at Twitter's headquarters is shown in San Francisco on Nov. 18, 2022. Thousands registered complaints about problems logging into Twitter on Saturday, July 1, 2023, after owner Elon Musk restricted most users to view the restrictions of 600 tweets per day he described as an attempt to prevent unauthorized scraping of potentially valuable data from the site.  (AP Photo/Jeff Chiu, archive)

Twenty-six hidden words in a 1996 telecommunications overhaul law allowed companies like Facebook, Twitter and Google to become the giants they are today. A case the US Supreme Court heard on Tuesday, Gonz├ílez vs. Googlechallenges this law, namely whether the technology companies are responsible for the material posted on their platforms. Judges will decide whether … Read more

Not, like, the nine biggest pundits on the internet: Judges appear wary of sweeping Section 230 ruling – SCOTUSblog

A man speaks at a conference in front of nine bench judges who all appear to be asking him a question.

TOPIC ANALYSIS By Amy Howe on February 21, 2023 at 4.31pm Eric Schnapper argues before the judges for the Gonzalez family. Justice Neil Gorsuch was “under the weather” and participated in the argument from a distance. (William Hennessy) The Supreme Court on Tuesday debated the scope of a 27-year-old federal law that protects social media … Read more