How can we make the Internet safe for children in practice?

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Does regulating the Internet to protect children mean controlling the age of all users? Sonia Livingston discusses the importance of taking a child-rights-focused approach and highlights the policy and political challenge of recognizing who a child is online when trying to protect children. One in three children use the Internet and one in three Internet … Read more

Why your practice needs an Internet contingency plan

Why your practice needs an Internet contingency plan

Why Your Practice Needs an Internet Contingency Plan | Image Credit: Georgi – Georgi – Technology plays a vital role in healthcare, and it’s impossible to talk about its benefits without touting the awesome things that can be done digitally for your practice. With a growing reliance on the internet and its benefits, healthcare … Read more

Practice with 5 powerful accessibility features in iOS 17

Assistive Access Home screen and camera

If you haven’t looked into any of Apple’s accessibility features because you aren’t blind or deaf and don’t think they would make your life easier, you might be surprised. Apple has built a handful of accessibility features into iOS 17 that allow people with various disabilities to use the iPhone in new and unexpected ways. … Read more