Internet gaming disorder among physicians: A growing concern affecting mental health and academic performance

Internet gaming addiction can lead to depression and interpersonal problems can arise.

In the fast-paced world of medical education, where assignment deadlines and personal issues put enormous mental and physical pressure on students, an unlikely ally of video games has emerged. Medical students, like their peers around the world, are increasingly turning to video games as a means of relaxation and entertainment. Recent statistics reveal that around … Read more

Dell Black Friday July Sale: Laptops, Gaming PCs & More | Digital Trends

You might be confused to hear about a Black Friday deal in July, but it’s mostly what most retailers call their July big sale, which they often use to compete and profit from Amazon’s Prime Day. As such, there are plenty of great deals out there, including from Dell, which has a discount on just … Read more

Opera: Massive Opportunities in Gaming and AI (NASDAQ:OPRA)

Web browser applications

Wachiwit Investment thesis Opera (NASDAQ:OPRA) was one of the best-performing companies over the past year, with the stock up more than 280%. Despite the massive rally, I believe there is still ample room to race. The browser company has huge opportunities in its games segment, which continues to see optimistic momentum. It should also benefit … Read more