We’re on the verge of the biggest changes in computing’s DNA, and it’s not just quantum that’s coming

Carlos Andrés Trasvina Moreno

Read more: The future of CPUs Computers are built around logic: performing mathematical operations using circuits. The logic is built around things like Adders, not the snake; the basic circuit that adds two numbers. This is as true of today’s microprocessors as it is of all those dating back to the very beginning of computing … Read more

Futuristic airports are coming: AI facial recognition, biometric scanners

Illustration of an airport sign that says "The future"

Illustration: Natalie Peeples/Axios According to a new report, airports are expected to become smoother and more efficient, even as they get busier and bigger to meet growing demand. Because matter: As the place where many journeys begin and end, airports are a vital cog in the economy. Yet they are also the source of many … Read more

iOS 17: Eight privacy and security enhancements coming in Apple’s next update

iOS 17 privacy and security enhancement features

The iOS 17 and iPadOS 17 updates include a number of privacy and security improvements that make your devices more secure than ever, with Apple restricting access to photos and calendar events and further reducing how websites web track you on the web. Private browsing updates in Safari In Safari, private browsing windows are now … Read more