Space computing technology company Rypplzz launches on the sly

June 28, 2023 Rypplzcreators of geolocation platform Interlife, recently announced $3 million in pre-seed funding from investors including Deal Box Ventures, Fulcrom Investing and Innovative Venture Partners, to accelerate adoption of the company’s geospatial mapping technology connecting the digital-physical world with greater precision.

Rypplzz creates “air smart” that transforms airspace into monetizable engagement opportunities by creating the infrastructure needed to program digital files to precise airspace coordinates, which the company says is accurate to within 6 inches of location. According to Rypplzz, this improves the accuracy level by several orders of magnitude over standard GPS-based technologies, which operate with an accuracy of between 10 and 20 feet of an object.

Rypplzz also announced that it is partnering with major venues such as the 27-acre Tucson Convention Center, a major U.S. sports league, Cisco Sports and Media Group, and SkyPath Security, to create next-generation stadium experiences. The company said that with high demand for accurate geolocation services in industries such as augmented reality (AR), Web3 and other location-based services, its technology will help boost fan experiences based on augmented reality, wayfinding accurate and traffic analytics, geo-targeting, and a host of technology-enabled crowd management features.

“We are thrilled to be working with Rypplzz as part of our efforts to create powerful and immersive experiences that reimagine the way fans, athletes, teams and organizations experience sporting events,” said Brendan Burns, Sports and Media Group , Cisco. “Rypplzz’s technology will be instrumental in modernizing the stadium experience and creating new revenue streams for clubs and venues.”

Rypplzz also noted that it is exploring security-related applications for department stores, event venues and construction sites for precise geolocation and advanced connectivity to improve safety and asset management in these spaces, driving better efficiency and safety among workers. .

“Rypplzz faces a huge marketing opportunity to leverage geospatial mapping for a variety of compelling use cases. The technology differs significantly from anything currently on the market, and the team has created considerable traction, even in its early stages, by bringing to market a technology that unlocks new possibilities for engaging in hybrid physical-virtual environments,” said Thomas Carter , founder of Canned Deal Venture.

“At Rypplzz, we see spatial computing as the next big thing in computing, after the personal computer and smartphone,” said Josh Pendrick, founder and CEO of Rypplzz. “We believe our technology will be instrumental in realizing the full potential of spatial computing across multiple industries. We’ve only scratched the surface of what’s possible in this exciting market, and our platform design opens the door to the next big wave of innovation that will transform the digital-physical experience.”

Rypplzz recently teamed up with musician Grimes, who leveraged the company’s technology to host an augmented reality arts rave at the Ultra Music Festival in Miami. The company is also partnering with Skypath Security to provide the highest geolocation accuracy to improve warehouse operations and security, and build the infrastructure that could help first responders access the real-time data they need to save crucial time as they respond. to security issues and active events.

For more information about Rypplzz and its geolocation technology for use in AR, Web3 and spatial computing space, visit the company’s website website.

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