Rural NM has some of the worst high speed internet access. Here’s what the federal government is doing to address the disconnect.


Horacio Lizama, left, of Medanales, and Juan Andres Maestas, of Abiqui, work on one of several computers supplied to El Rito Library Thursday.

EL RITO VHS tapes of Saving Private Ryan and Gone with the Wind can be rented at the El Rito Library. Many venues can’t get high-speed internet access, so streaming isn’t an option.

Several people Thursday afternoon were using the library for its internet connection. It is one of the few public places with reliable service in the region.

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Federal money arriving in New Mexico will help provide high-speed Internet to places like El Rito in Rio Arriba County.

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Federal money coming to New Mexico will help provide high-speed Internet to rural areas. Some can be delivered via cell phones and communication towers like these near Lake Abiqui in Rio Arriba County.

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Alison Brislin, the librarian at El Rito Public Library, later helps people use the computers in the rural library.

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Annie Nielsen, of Ojo Caliente, works on her computer at the El Rito Library on Thursday. The library is the only place Nielsen knows of to get wifi in El Rito.

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