Regional effort to bring high-speed Internet to local communities

Like a string of lights, communities along Interstate 70 from Glenwood Springs to Fuita are being lit with high-speed Internet access thanks to a new regional initiative and millions of dollars in public funding.

Region 10, a non-profit organization that supports Delta, Montrose, Hinsdale, Gunnison, Ouray and San Miguel counties, has been working to improve Internet access for its local communities for years. It has been very successful, and rural communities like Lake City and Ridgway have benefited from high-speed Internet access earlier than some larger cities in the region.

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2023 Palisade Fiber003.JPG

Photo by Larry Robinson/The Daily Sentinel

A sign for new fiber construction, left, is in a neighborhood where high-speed Internet will be installed, right, in Palisade on Thursday. City of Palisade Administrator Janet Hawkinson expects high-speed Internet to be available to the entire city by mid-August. Rural communities are working feverishly to ensure access to high-speed Internet for all.

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2023 Palisade Fiber006.JPG

A drill presses its way through the Earth to lay new fiber lines in the community of Palisade on June 29, 2023.

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2023 Palisade Fiber001.JPG

Riley Hexon directs a drill as he drills into the Earth to lay new fiber lines in the community of Palisade on June 29, 2023.

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