NY secured $670 million to expand Internet access. Which regions need it most?

Eight years after New York first rolled out its Broadband for All plan to bring Internet access to homes across the state, some rural residents still lack reliable broadband Internet access.

A $670 million federal cash infusion announced last week could change that.

New York’s $1 Billion ConnectAll Initiative is the state’s latest way to provide funding for statewide Internet connection projects and follows New York’s $500 million Broadband for All program , launched in 2015.

Fiber networks allow for high-speed Internet connections.

Now, $670 million in federal money, one of the largest single investments in broadband connectivity in New York’s history, will be earmarked to build critical Internet infrastructure in some of the state’s most rural areas. This funding comes from the bipartisan federal Infrastructure Investment & Jobs Act, passed in 2021.

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