Nvidia’s RTX 5000 GPUs are a confusing proposition for gamers like me

So, Nvidia is definitely doing another generation of desktop GPUs – currently codenamed “Ada Lovelace-Next”. The current generation of RTX 4000 cards have been a mixed bag, to say the least, and these new GPUs aren’t slated for release until 2025, but I’m already a little concerned about the whole situation, to be honest.

Before we begin, I’ll make a few key assumptions here. The codename “Next” suggests that these new GPUs I could potentially just a hardware upgrade of some sort, speculated by some to be RTX 4000 Super cards – but given the 2025 release date, I’d be shocked if it didn’t turn out to be a whole new generation: namely, RTX 5000.

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Image Source : www.techradar.com

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