Luxury cruising yachts will receive Starlink internet access in 2023

The Scenic Group has announced plans to equip its ocean fleets with SpaceX’s high-velocity Starlink. This communications upgrade should provide guests aboard Scenic Group with reliable internet access no matter where they are on the planet, providing great connectivity in extraordinary destinations.

The stage groupwhich includes Scenic Luxury Cruises and Tours and Emerald Cruises, announced on June 30, 2023 that it will upgrade all vessels in its ocean (non-riverine) fleets with Starlink Internet access.

Currently, Scenic operates 16 river and ocean cruise ships. In August 2019, the cruise line unveiled its inaugural oceangoing vessel, the high-end polar-rated super yacht (equipped with helipads and a submersible)Scenic eclipse.

After the introduction of the 17,545-tonScenic eclipsethe company then launched the polar rating Scenic eclipse II in April 2023, built in Rijeka, Croatia.

And now the Scenic Group will upgrade its fleet, along with seagoing vessels from Emerald Cruises such as the luxury yachtEmerald Blue(built at Vietnam’s La Hong Shipyard in 2022), with high-speed SpaceX Starlink access.

Starlink is a satellite Internet system that provides global broadband coverage using a network of small satellites in low Earth orbit. These satellites create a mesh-like network, transmitting Internet signals to and from ground stations.

Scenic eclipse
Scenic Eclipse (Photo Credit: The Scenic Group)

These Starlink enhancements will offer guests aboard similar shipsScenic eclipsetraveling to secluded places like Antarctica, South Georgia, the Falkland Islands and the wild Chilean Fjords in the Southern Hemisphere or upcoming destinations like Iceland and the Scottish Isles in September 2023, the perfect ability to keep in touch with loved ones at home.

Passengers can easily maintain constant or near-constant communication with people who are not on board, whether for personal reasons, work or emergencies. Starlink offers global adventurers the ability to share their amazing experiences from remote destinations via social media, and they can also quickly share photos and videos in near real-time.

As cruise ships are often located in remote locations that may lack reliable connectivity, or sail around the world’s oceans with no access to land-based towers, Starlink’s reliable remote global Internet service aligns perfectly with the needs of the industry. of cruises.

Starlink spreads across the cruise industry

Starlink Maritimeis SpaceX’s Internet service, launched in July 2022 and specifically designed for high-speed Internet for ships at sea. Scenic Group integrated Starlink onScenic eclipse IIbefore his baptism on June 3, 2023.

The company also said it would add Starlink toEmerald Blueby the end of June, followed bySakara Emeraldin August.Scenic eclipsewill receive Starlink by the end of 2023.

Other cruise lines that have already added Starlink access to at least a portion of their fleets includeHolland America linewhich introduced Starlink to the Pinnacle-class shipKoningsdamin May 2023. The service has received a lot of positive feedback from the ship’s passengers.

Seabournit is also adding Starlink Wi-Fi technology to two of its expedition vessels:Seabourn VenturaANDSeabourn Pursuit.

Starlinks on Hurtigruten
Photo courtesy: Hurtigruten

Many other cruise lines have added or are planning to add Starlink connectivity to their fleets, as this appears to be the dominant internet trend in the industry.

Starlink access is being used or planned for installation by American Cruise Lines for its fleet of riverboats and small cruise ships. Carnival Cruise Line and Royal Caribbean have implemented or are implementing the Starlink service in their fleets as well.

Norwegian Cruise Linetested Starlink on its ships in 2023. Windstar Cruises also plans to offer Starlink connectivity for its guests. The list of cruise lines adding Starlink Maritime in the future will likely continue to grow.

Guests interested in using Starlink on board should note that Wi-Fi plans and costs vary for each cruise line and that the success and speed of connectivity may vary depending on the ship’s location and the diffusion of Internet in a given moment.

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