Google reveals seven new features for Google Chat

Google Chat was originally designed to allow businesses to keep their teams communicating internally. However, it can now be used by consumers for direct messages and group conversations. It also includes Spaces, a feature where you can assign tasks and share files. Chat can be installed on both Android and iOS. Found in the Google Play Store, the app can be downloaded by Android users by tapping on this link. iPhone users can find the app in the App Store by clicking on this link.

Smart Compose stands for Google Chat on the web

On Friday, Google revealed seven new features coming to Google Chat, including Smart Compose. This feature gives those who type a message contextual hints that are grayed out in the text bar. If you see a suggestion you’d like to use, press the tab button to add the suggested words to your message. Watch the video below to show you how Smart Texting works in chat. Smart Compose is available to Chat web users in English, French, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese.

If you’ve ever sent a message and quickly realized you’d left out a word or typed something by mistake, Google Chat can use message editing to delete or edit a message by long-pressing it. A toolbar will appear and hit the Edit icon (which looks like a pencil), make the change (or delete the entire message) and tap Update. This feature is available to all Chat users.

Another new feature in Chat will allow you to quote a previous message when posting a reply. This allows the group to see exactly which message you’re replying to without getting confused. Just tap on the message you want to quote and when the toolbox pops up, tap the icon that shows the “Enter” icon and the message you want to reply to will be at the bottom of the screen. Type your answer and send it.

Read receipts will arrive later this month on Google Chat

Sometimes, due to a poor internet connection or some other reason, you may not know if some or all of the group members have received your message. Already available for direct messages on mobile and web, you’ll receive a read receipt on messages you send when your message recipient’s avatar appears below your post on the right-hand side. Tapping on the avatars (or hovering over them) will display the names of those who have received your message. This will be available in Chat later this month for grouping messages across mobile and the web.

Want to save yourself from adding a long URL to a message? Of course you do. If you want to link something to a group, you can select the text you want to hyperlink, click the Insert Link icon on the toolbar, and paste or type the URL you want to link to the text. This will be available in the coming weeks for Android users and those on the web.

Nobody likes a messy and cluttered interface. So if you have more than 10 conversations or spaces, any that have been inactive for the past seven days will be hidden until a new message is posted. At that point, it will go straight to the top of the list. And if you need to view one of the hidden conversations or spaces before a new message is sent, tap the “More” button below the chat list. This feature is now available for Chat users.

Finally, in the coming weeks, Chat users will be able to install apps for their Chats and personal spaces. Google mentions Giphy for adding GIFs, Asana for assigning tasks and adding to-do lists to group chats, and Zapier for personalized notifications.

Again, if you don’t have Google Chat on your iOS or Android device, we’ve left some links at the top of this article to help you download apps quickly.

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