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We are seeking grants or support from anyone who would like to further support the growth and development of the Solana ecosystem and our creations through other chains such as ETH, BTC and Polygon!

We have no expectations of altruism and will continue to thrive regardless of the outcome. We are simply built differently.

We’ve powered the backbone of some of your favorite startups, and now it’s time to spread your wings yourself.

If you’re not interested, pass this document on to someone you think might find this venture appealing!

We weren’t asking you to send us money for a new cell phone or a crap coin

I promise.

Illustration by Yee Maff

We have done a lot since 2021.

[Scribble Labs] is a multi-faceted collective specializing in building programmes, infrastructure and public services, as well as providing digital marketing and consultancy services.

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TLDR here:

What the fuck is Scribble Labs? Scribble Labs (

We have a proven track record in blockchain and traditional development as well as shipping all of our product suites. We have an active and dedicated user base who actively enjoy being a part of travel as well as a multitude of partner projects and agencies.

We don’t want to launch a generative collection in an attempt to raise capital only to have creative and innovative concepts trampled by the expectations of speculators and traders.

We believe the best things come from honest intent and meaningful execution, as we create things that expand the common perception of what is possible.

We have been self-sustainable since 2021 w. no outside investment outside of our independent initiatives as a team. We worked hand in hand with some of your favorite blockchain teams to bring their projects to life:

West 57th, Bad Environment, GigaDAO, Turtles, MobDAO, Pop, Pilots, Zulpverse, DeFi Bookie, SDGN and countless others.

We are a decentralized collective of developers, marketers, artists, as well as some common creatives and believers who have contributed significantly to things and things.

– Customizable and scalable CMv3 used for major Solana projects w. packaged authoring tools. We have the ability to expand this concept further and add the ability to make this a self-service application built on the Metaplex standard with no barriers to entry for the average user. More information below:

– Complete suite of developer and creator tools based on Solana. Such as advanced artistic generation, bulk animation and duplication scripts for generation and edition

– E-commerce sites w. encryption and traditional payment processing.

– Multiple payment processing tools, databases and data logging. These are implemented in sites like Sol City, Defi Bookie, Pop! & Turtle Adventure. Each instance is customized to their independent needs.

– Web3 employee ID prototype. Stake for a pool of Tokens or USDC.

– Third-party high-end Swiss army knife. From tipping systems to interactive games w. Web integrations3.

– Built a suite of smart contracts and Solana-based project tools, enabling seamless integration and development for creatives across the chain.

– Created an exchange that allows users to seamlessly trade their cryptocurrency.

– Much more, we just need to dig into our repositories and find them.

We weathered the crypto winter and multiple timeline-altering events in cryptocurrency history like FTX, Luna incineration, USDC/USDT de-pegging, etc.

They were feisty as hell son.

With our deep knowledge of the Solana blockchain and traditional development, we have successfully developed multiple products and have ample evidence of the work history established in the history of cryptocurrencies.

Project overview: The purpose of this is to secure funding for [Scribble Labs] to continue to build and expand our suite of products and services. The funding will go to:

Research and developmentT:

  • Support ongoing research and development efforts, enabling us to improve our existing products and explore new opportunities within the Solana ecosystem.

Product scaling and distribution:

  • The grant will help us scale our existing products to handle increased user demand. We aim to optimize the performance and reliability of our applications to ensure uninterrupted user experiences.

Team expansion:

  • As we continue to grow, it is essential to strengthen our team with additional talent. The grant funds will be used to attract and retain highly skilled professionals who are dedicated to pushing the boundaries of blockchain technology.

Community engagement and educationN:

  • We believe in fostering an engaged and knowledgeable community within the Solana ecosystem. A portion of the grant will be used to organize workshops, hackathons and educational initiatives that promote the adoption of Solana and empower developers.


A full budget breakdown can be discussed via private call with our team.

Here is the basic structure we had in mind regarding KPIs

  • Research and development: [Budget Percentage] $[Budget Amount]
  • Product scaling and distribution: [Budget Percentage] $[Budget Amount]
  • Team expansion: [Budget Percentage] $[Budget Amount]
  • Community engagement and education: [Budget Percentage] $[Budget Amount]

Timeline: The proposed timeline for the project is as follows:

  • Phase 1: Research and development, product valorisation
  • Phase 2: Expanding team and scaling efforts
  • Phase 3: Community engagement and educational initiatives

We already have so much to work on that we could deploy and ship products and code quickly with the right resources.

Evaluation metrics: To ensure transparency and accountability, we propose the following metrics to evaluate project success:

  • User Adoption: Increase in the number of users and volume of transactions on our platforms.
  • Developer involvement: Number of developers using our tools, SDKs and contributing to our open source projects.
  • Community growth: Expanding our online community and actively participating in educational programs.
  • User feedback and satisfaction: collection of feedback from users.

Thanks for reading,


– The Scribble Labs team

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