Compare Internet service providers in the Jacksonville area as the competition increases

Ryan Fallon, technical operations supervisor at IQ Fiber, connects a customer's home to the company's fiber optic network.  IQ Fiber recently announced that it will be expanding its coverage area around Jacksonville.

If you’ve ever been hit by a buffering screen while watching your favorite TV show, you’ve probably been thinking about switching Internet services, whether it’s upgrading your current package or finding a new provider all at once.

New offerings and internet companies seem to pop up on a regular basis for an opportunity to snag new business. These providers make sure to highlight all sorts of benefits of their packages, including who has the highest MBPS (megabits per second), lowest prices, or most freebies that come with signing up for a deal.

Find out how local suppliers compare to each other:

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AT&T extension

A map of where AT&T fiber optic internet plans are available.  These plans are available in Jacksonville.

You may already know that AT&T offers cellular coverage, but it also provides Internet access in most areas of the country and is in the process of expanding its fiber-optic offerings, which it currently has in some states and areas, including Jacksonville. Other features that AT&T boasts related to its Internet service include security options and a Smart Home Manager app from which users can see all the devices connected to the Internet and monitor and control them. For example, users can set time limits for Internet access allowed on tablets.

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