Apple: How to save battery life on your iPhone

iPhone offers several exciting new features and improvements in its updates and has made many improvements in battery life. Battery life is the most essential part of the smartphone. The longer the battery lasts, the less it will need to be charged. Since several iPhones have great battery life that lasts up to a day or more, some devices still need to support longer battery life. There could be several reasons that are responsible for draining the battery faster than normal usage.

Suppose your iPhone battery is draining faster than normal. If so, there can be multiple reasons responsible, such as your phone consuming a lot of power, your smartphone not optimizing power efficiently, apps draining your battery fast like games, and using navigation system all the time GPS, your iPhone display brightness, apps running in the background, iPhone Siri voice assistant.

How to save iPhone battery life?

Here are some reasons responsible for the rapid draining of battery life.

  • Constant use of the phone or multitasking: Using your iPhone continuously or your phone is using more power, multitasking can drain your battery faster since it doesn’t optimize power efficiently.
  • Check apps that can drain your battery: there are some apps that can be responsible for draining your battery. Gaming apps, constant use of the GPS navigation system and various mapping apps. So, if you use these apps less, your iPhone battery will last a long time.
  • Maintain the brightness of your iPhone display: Display brightness plays a big role in draining your phone’s battery life. If you notice that you have set your display brightness to light mode and the battery is draining quickly, set your brightness to dark mode, as it can make a big difference and strengthen your battery life to last a long time.
    • Here are the steps through which you can activate dark mode: Go to Settings >> Display and brightness >> click on Dark Mode to turn it on.
  • Control which app should run in the background: Apps run in the background when you’re not using them, which consumes more battery life, so you can control and limit which apps can run in the background.
    • Here’s how to do it: Go to Settings >> Tap up General >> Background app refresh. Once you click on background app refresh, you will see the list of apps. Spin the deactivate for all apps except Wi-Fi and cellular data.
  • Notifications: When your device gets a lot of notifications from a particular app, it lights up every time the notification comes, which can drain your battery faster. To avoid battery drain, you can limit notifications from apps.
    • To do this, go to Settings >> tap the Notification tab, e turn off THE notification for the app you want.
  • Turn off Siri’s listening feature: If your iPhone’s Siri is always listening to you, it can have a big impact on battery consumption.
    • It is best to turn this feature off by going to Settings >> select Siri & Research >> then deactivate THE Hey Siri option.
  • Deactivate the GPS navigation system services. For this, open Settings >> select Privacy and security >> tap the Location services and turn it worn out.

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