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Annapurna Interactive, the video game publisher known for releasing indie hits like Stray, just hosted the annual Annapurna Interactive Showcase. The live stream features 30 minutes of announcements, including updates on previously revealed games and some big surprises. The biggest news coming out of the show is that Annapurna is making its first in-house developed game, which happens to be a new Blade Runner video game.

Interactive showcase of Annapurna 2023

That wasn’t all, though. The packed show spotlighted several exciting indies arriving later this year and in 2024 and gave us release dates for anticipated titles like Cocoon and Thirsty Suitors. It’s worth a watch if you missed it, but here’s everything that was announced during this year’s showcase.

Annapurna is making a Blade Runner game

Interactive Annapurna

Annapurna Interactive was strictly a publisher during its lifetime, but it’s branching out to develop its first in-house project and it’s a big project. The studio is making a new Blade Runner game, which was a surprise reveal at the end of the showcase. Blade Runner 2033: Labyrinthgot a reveal trailer showcasing its cyberpunk noir setting. However, details are very scarce other than the title. We don’t know when it will arrive or what kind of game it will be. Still, it’s an exciting development for Annapurna as it moves into the game’s internal creation.

Cocoon and Thirsty Suitors get release dates

Interactive Annapurna

This fall it got a lot busier. Two high-profile indie games landed their release dates at today’s showcase, following a strong showing at Summer Game Fest’s Play Days earlier this month. Cocoonwhich won the Most Anticipated Indie award and our Game of the Show award, will launch on September 29th. Later this fall, the winner of the Tribeca Fest Thirsty suitors is scheduled to launch on November 2. Considering the buzz around both titles, those release dates are making a busy fall all the more exciting.

To a T gets a delightfully strange debut

Interactive Annapurna

Katamari Damcy creator Keita Takahashi is once again teaming up with Annapurna on what may be his silliest project yet. To a Tis a game about the struggles of a little boy who is shaped like a T. That’s right, it’s a game about a character stuck in a T-pose. We weren’t quite sure what its actual gameplay was yet, but the trailer featured a hysterical theme song detailing the child’s plight. The project is expected to launch on Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and PC.

Stray is coming to Xbox

Interactive Annapurna

After a year of PS5 exclusivity, Stray is finally making the leap to Xbox. The award-winning cat game is coming to Xbox on August 10th. There was no mention of a Game Pass release in the reveal, but Annapurna is no stranger to launching games on the service. The last few years showcase revealed that games like Model they were coming to service, so there’s a good chance Stray will follow suit.

Ghost Bike is a cycling adventure in the afterlife

Interactive Annapurna

There were a lot of new game reveals throughout the show, but Ghost bike he particularly stood out. Developed by Messhof, Ghost bike is a stylish cycling game about a character who rides a bicycle in the afterlife and defeats ghosts in races and other challenges. While it doesn’t have a definitive release date yet, Ghost bike is currently slated for a 2024 release on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and PC.

Lushfoil Photography Sim is exactly what it sounds like

Interactive Annapurna

If you love photography, you’ll want to learn more Lushfoil photo simulator. Announced during the showcase, the project is a realistic photo simulator created by developer Matt Newell. Its debut trailer showed exactly what to expect, as an in-game camera floated around detailed environments and snapped photos. A press release for the game notes that there are hidden secrets in the world, so there seems to be more to it than hand-held photography. The project does not currently have a release date, but is targeting a launch on unspecified consoles and PCs.

All the rest

  • Lorelei and laser eyes got a cryptic trailer that implied it could be some form of puzzle game.
  • We have a development diary on Marumittu Games, who is working on a sci-fi project.
  • We’ve seen gameplay footage from Flockdetailing its multiplayer bird catching system.
  • We kill monsters was highlighted in a development diary about the Glass Revolver studio.
  • World is receiving a native update for PS5 and Xbox Series X/S.
  • We took a closer look Star of goodnessshowcasing his cooking, crafting and mech building.
  • Narrator will receive an update on September 26 and will arrive on mobile via Netflix.

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